Six more things we did in Sydney

We were only over in Sydney for a few days, but here are a few more things we managed to fit in during our stay.

The Art Gallery of New South Wales

On our last day in Sydney, we visited the wonderful Art Gallery of New South Wales.  It is one of the largest galleries in Australia and home to both permanent and temporary exhibitions.  If you are interested in art, I highly recommend a visit – lots to see, a decent cafe for when you need a break, and a good place to explore Australian and other art.

Karl meets a friend – work by Eko Nugroho
Women’s Water Dreaming – Bessie Nakamarra Sims, Dolly Nampijinpa Daniels, Judy Nampijinpa Granites, Ruby Nampijinpa Forest and Maggie Napaljarri Ross (1997)


I know….but when you are suddenly in a proper city rather than a large town the temptation is too much. Even if shopping is not your thing, you should still visit the Queen Victoria Building.  Built in the 1890s as a market place, the building occupies a full block.  If you have been to Princes Square in Glasgow, then imagine that on a grand scale.  It is worth a look, just for the building.

Some purchases


There are loads of places to eat in Sydney as you can imagine, but the first day we were there was a public holiday, so quite a few places were closed, and then a couple of places I had picked were shut for summer holidays.  Anyway, we ate well, and I particularly enjoyed a smoked fish, fennel and potato dish at The Endeavour Tap Rooms. We also ate at Jamie’s Italian one night, and have to say my dish of snapper with a ‘superfoods’ salad was really good.

Smoked fish, potato and a citrus dressing

Botanic Gardens

It was raining when we visited, but nevertheless we took a short stroll here.  I would love to go back on a good day, and see it properly.  The sun had come out by the time we left the gallery, and the photo below was taken in The Domain.

The Domain


I love exploring cities: you never know what you will find around the next corner.  I always remember advice on visiting Madrid – walk in a straight line, you will get lost, but end up where you started.  It was great advice for that city, and pretty much worked in Sydney too.

Saying goodbye, but we’ll be back

A glass of something sparkling in the Air New Zealand lounge

How we got there: direct flight from Wellington to Sydney with Air New Zealand.

Where we stayed: Radisson Blu on O’Connell Street.

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