This week’s small pleasures: blogmas 12 December

It’s Monday evening here in New Zealand, so time for the weekly small pleasures post with a slightly Christmas theme.


Always a small pleasure to have a massage, but what was not a small pleasure is the situation in parts of Wellington post earthquake.  Absolute Therapy, where I go for massage is situated close to multistorey car park that is having to be pulled down as it has been deemed unsafe.  Their building is fine, but for safety reasons it looks like they may have to move while the car park is being pulled down.  Other small businesses in the street, such as Poquito (that does the best lemon, honey and ginger in Wellington), have been closed for a several weeks.  Anyway, I’ll continue to support Absolute Therapy and other small businesses in the area such as Enigma, where we had lunch post massage.  The pictures below are of the closed street.

Bowl of fresh peas in their pods


Kalles Kaviar

As you may have read in my last post, we got our supply of Swedish food for the festive season ahead.  Included in that parcel was a large tube of Kalles Kaviar, which I enjoyed with a boiled egg for breakfast this morning.  Wonderful.

Kalles Kaviar and hard boiled egg on sourdough toast

Mince pie

We had a special morning tea at work today, and I could not resist a mince pie.  It’s my first of the season, and may well be my only one, unless I make my own.  I was not disappointed.

A little mince pie

Thanks to Mani at A New Life Wandering for the idea and also check out Don’t Give a Jam who also likes to shop local.

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