This week’s small pleasures: Blogmas 5 December

It’s Monday, it’s time for a small pleasures post AND it has to be a blogmas post too…can this be done?  Well, let’s give it a go…

Seasonal fruits

Christmas in New Zealand means so many opportunities to enjoy summer fruits, from cherries to blueberries, from strawberries to all the lovely stone fruits.  Strawberries at Christmas – perfect.


Sunday breakfast

Nothing whatsoever to do with Christmas?  Well, Christmas Day is a Sunday this year, so the perfect day to combine the usual Sunday morning treats with something extra special – perhaps some bucks fizz?  What do you have planned for a Christmas breakfast?

Sour dough bread with goats’ cheese and cherries

The first campari and soda of the season

It’s summary, it is a good Christmas colour – what’s not to like?

Campari and soda and a bowl of crisps to share (it’s the table not me that is at an angle!)

Charlie being Charlie again

This really has nothing to do with Christmas, but Charlie is his old self again, and fell asleep after watching too many exciting bird videos, with his head resting on a computer.

Falling asleep on the computer

Thanks to Mani at A New Life Wandering for the small pleasures idea (which is a really good thing to practice when things are stressed at work and the threat of more earthquakes looms on the horizon).  Check out Middle Europe‘s small pleasures too.


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