This week’s small pleasures: week 33

I honestly believe that the past week has been one of the most stressful ever, as you can tell if you read my last three posts (links here, here and here if you want to read them). I didn’t realise until Friday, just how anxious I had been for days, and still feel a little jumpy if I am to be honest.  But life has to go on, and there were quite a few small pleasures this week.  Thanks again to Mani at A New Life Wandering for the idea.

Charlie the cat

Charlie went missing, late Tuesday, and was found on Sunday, shut into an empty property nearby.  How he got in we don’t know, but he is now home, has eaten lots of food and is demanding cuddles.


Walking through the Botanic Gardens in the early morning

7am, walking to work, Botanic Gardens

Scrambled eggs for breakfast

Scrambled eggs on toast (with vegan cheese slices)


On Friday, I went to the annual graduation season at the New Zealand School of Dance.  It is a great showcase for the students at the school in all three years.  I’ve been to this show a few years now, and always enjoy these performances, spotting the ones who you know will go on to ‘greater things’.  There was a particularly good female classical dancer and two male dancers – one classical and one contemporary –  that really stuck out this year.

NZ School of Dance Graduation Season 2016

Mood lifting shopping

A new Jo Malone cologne and MAC lipstick in Brave, a very suitable name too!


After the storms earlier this week, the sun came back.  I don’t really need say any more do I?


  1. Really glad you found your kitty! Sounds like a stressful week, hope this one will be calmer and better!


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