This week’s small pleasures: week 29

I started to think about what this week’s small pleasures had been on Sunday morning.  It hadn’t been a particularly nice week, and nothing stuck out as being particular pleasurable.  Work is still hectic, the weather wasn’t great and I got news of the death of a former student of mine.  He was a young man who held such promise, and it was so tragic to see him gradually fade away through cancer at the age of 26.

But then today, Monday, I realised there had quite a few small pleasures, starting with these tulips in the Botanic Gardens

14753456_10154420392551638_2304129722926902838_oTulip time


Spending Saturday afternoon baking was definitely a pleasure – follow the link to see what I made.

Sunday trip

The sun came out on Sunday, so we drove over to one of our favourite spots, Lake Ferry, where we had lunch.  It is a place that always lifts the spirits.  I had the whitebait fritter which was so good and served on toasted sourdough bread.



img_9160View with lunch

img_9161You can just see the snow capped mountains in the distance if you look carefully

My shoulder is improving

I started X-tend Barre classes again!  Just once a week, but it is good to be back. And my shoulder has suddenly become much more mobile.

Thanks yet again to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the idea.

Check out Middle Europe as well for their small pleasures.


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