This week’s small pleasures: week 28

Here we are again for a round up of this week’s small pleasures.  Thanks again to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the idea.

Saturday breakfast

As we had milk in the fridge, I took the opportunity to have scrambled eggs instead of my usual poached, for Saturday’s breakfast.  I had them on top of a sesame seed bagel from Best Ugly Bagles.


Eggs, scrambled

Lazy Sunday morning

Woken by both birdsong and the rain battering down on the roof, I took the opportunity to spend ages catching up on posts on Bloglovin’. I immediately related to the opening sentence from this post from my scandinavian home about the first place her Copenhagen friends like to go when over in Malmö, namely the shop Granit.  It reminded me of what I used to do when we lived in Copenhagen and went to Malmö, which always included a stop at Granit….

A simple roast chicken

Sunday dinner – roast chicken, new potatoes, roast parsnips, asparagus and salad.  And a nice glass of Theory and Practice Chardonnay (from Ant Mackenzie Wines).  What more is there to say?


It is spring here, and the birds are very vocal and active.  Every morning we are woken up by bird song, and in particular the distinctive sound of the tui.  Apparently, these days they are one of the most common birds found in urban Wellington.  There are certainly a lot around where we live.  The featured image at the top of this post is of a tui outside our house, picture taken through the window at dusk on Sunday.

The return of spring sunshine – need I say more?


Check out Middle Europe for their small pleasures.

Footnote: I’ve been having a problem with the spelling on some posts….the spelling looks correct on my computer screen, but when I read the post on my iPad some letters had been swapped around….any ideas as to why welcome!


  1. That’s weird about the spelling! I didn’t notice anything when reading this post. However I had a similar problem with some of my photos turning themselves around.


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