This week’s small pleasures: episode 27

So, here we are again, and time to think about this week’s small pleasures.  It was a very busy week (with a 14 hour working day on Wednesday!), but there were a few small pleasures nonetheless.  Thanks again to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the idea.

Thursday evening dinner

I was up in Auckland this week and enjoyed dinner at Rosie in Parnell.  I had the slow cooked lamb shoulder with date labneh, parsnip, bulgur wheat and almond chermoula. Good food, washed down with a glass of pinot noir.

Dinner at Rosie, the seats outside.

Small walk in the park

Before dinner, I went for a stroll in the Dove-Myer Robinson Park.  Even though it was the wrong season for the roses to be out in the rose garden, the fresh air was welcome after a day indoors.


Entrance to the gardens

A visitor

One of our best friends  from Scotland is visiting right now.  On Sunday, we took him over to Martinborough for some wine tasting.  After a rather dull start to the day, the sun came out, making for a lovely trip.


In Martinborough


 A sunny evening and a glass of pinot gris

Also check out flghtlssbrd and follow me to… for more small pleasures this week.



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