That was the week…

It’s Friday and even better, it’s Friday evening here in New Zealand.  The working week is over, and there is a moment to blog and to think about where the past few days have gone.  It is time to think about and reflect on what has happened.  So, here are 6 things from last week.  Nothing too exciting…perhaps even a little boring?

1  Saw a film. As I mentioned in my last post, on Monday I went to see ‘A Ballerina’s Tale’, the film about American dancer, Misty Copeland.  It was quite interesting, just a bit irritating (why did we have to watch 10 minutes of her having chiropractor treatment?) but about 400 people turned up to see it, so hopefully a good amount of money was raised for the New Zealand School of Dance to go towards next year’s 60th anniversary programme.

2  Went to Auckland…


Dawn breaking on the way to Auckland

3  …did some work and stayed overnight in Auckland…

IMG_8314Evening view from the rose garden in Parnell


Morning view over the city




Lunch time sky

4  …and came home from Auckland


Sunshine all the way home

5  Bought a beautful, soft cashmere mix sweater from Trenery – it is so snuggly and looks good too.  Check it out on their website.

6  Watched the news – have no idea what to say about what is happening in the mess that is British politics. Boris Johnson as foreign minister?  I feel there is a parallel universe somewhere where all this is a joke.  Then there is today’s terrible news from Nice and the death of 84 (as I write) people.  And yet, another part of the world has become obsessed with Pokemon Go, and a cyclist in the Tour de France had to run as he lost his bicycle in a crash.  Such is the world this Friday evening.




  1. It feels like we have all moved into a parallel universe since the end of June, thank goodness for lovely posts like this which are keeping me sane


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