Watching, listening, reading: April

Time for this month’s round up of what I’ve been watching, listening to and reading.  It has been a glorious autumn so far as this sky testifies, but the chilly evenings means time to catch up on various media…and random seasonal fruit!


Autumn, Wellington


We actually made it to the cinema this month, though mostly have been gripped with various things on the small screen.  Thank goodness for Netflix and VPN!

First up, Line of Duty, which saw a spectacular ending to series 3. As I mentioned last month, the first two series are available on Netflix.  We also started watching series 2 of The Tunnel, that British/French remake of The Bridge, with the Channel Tunnel instead of the Oresund Bridge. It is fine ‘tired and want to lie on the sofa’ watching.

As for comedy, I actually watched most of the first series of Parks and Recreation.  It got a bit tedious as far as a binge watch goes, but might pick up some more in weeks to come.  Otherwise, we are really enjoying Two Doors Down on BBC, a comedy about families in a street in Glasgow, and also watched the first episode of Witless, a comedy about two flatmates who witness a crime and end up in witness protection.  I know….doesn’t sound like a premise for a comedy but there you go.

And as the Eurovision Song Contest approaches, we watched the first preview programme over on SVT.  The usual load of rubbish and lyrics full of Euro English cliches such as “dance with us and have some fun” and “thunder and lightening are exciting”. Not long to the final now!


Enjoy a feijoa while watching your favourite drama


Well, The Archers (a long running radio soap opera) over at BBC Radio 4, continues with many a dramatic turn.  The story of domestic abuse came to a head, and now the fall out makes for very uncomfortable listening.  If you are a fan, you’ll know what I mean.  If you haven’t a clue what I am talking about, check the website in the link above.  You’ll probably be none the wiser, but it might grab your interest. The great British comedian, Victoria Wood, died this month, and did a great parody of the series which you can listen to here – only for fans!

Still with BBC Radio 4, do try to catch Digital Human, now up to series 9.  It is a beautifully crafted series about the digital world.  I’ve also started to subscribe to the Woman’s Hour podcast.  The programme has been running since 1946, and has a magazine format, with some interesting and some not so interesting items.  Other podcasts I’m still enjoying are the great This American Life and The New Yorker Radio Hour.

IMG_7626..or enjoy a passion fruit.


I actually read something that wasn’t a detective novel!  Stephanie Johnson’s Writers Festival is a follow up to The Writing Class which I enjoyed.  Johnson is a New Zealand writer with a long list of plays, novels and poetry to her name.  Naturally, the detective novel featured still featured in my reading, and I particularly enjoyed Lars Olav Lahlum’s Satellite People.

IMG_7590Satellite People

TNewhe usual crop of magazines and blogs also feature in my reading matter.  Check out Life Patisserie by Copenhagen based Icelander Lilja Björk. Everything just looks so good!

IMG_7588Magazine time




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