This Week’s Small Pleasures: episode 4

It’s Monday, not usually a day of joy, so a good opportunity to look back at this week’s small pleasures.

1  These flowers I bought on Friday – gorgeous water lilies that open in the day and close at night.

IMG_7486Stunning blooms

2  With autumn approaching, summer fruits are being replaced by pears, apples and early feijoas.  It is so nice to walk into a shop and have a choice of six different types of pears.  I made an apple crumble for desert on Sunday to use up some of the apples in the fruit bowl.

IMG_7487Bosc pears

3  A work trip to New Plymouth could almost count as a small pleasure, given it was a lovely sunny day and it is one of my favourite places.


The Govett-Brewster Gallery, New Plymouth

4  The birth of my great niece, Claire Bridget.  Her middle name is after my mother.

5  Saturday’s afternoon tea as I wrote about in my last post was also a small pleasure.

IMG_7464Saturday tea

6  Just the simple pleasure of walking to and from work through the Botanic Gardens can sometimes be enough to clear the head and blow away the cobwebs.

IMG_6474View of Wellington from the top of the cable car

weekly-small-pleasures-badgeThanks to A New Life Wandering for the idea


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