If we were having coffee…

…we would be sitting outside on the terrace again, and I’d be sipping green tea with jasmine.  I would tell you about seeing the World of Wearable Art (see blog post here).  I would tell you how wonderful it was and that I hope to go again next year.  I would tell you I popped into Poquito’s for a snack beforehand.

IMG_5764A glass of wine and some excellent nibbles

I would tell you that I am going up to Hamilton on Monday for a work trip, and that I have to do the same thing the following week.

I would tell you that last night we had dinner with friends who had just moved into a new apartment with a lovely view.

IMG_5776View over the water

I would tell you about our wonderful Sunday trip over to Lake Ferry, and how it was exactly a year since we first went there.  I would tell you that it is one of my favourite places, and that today it was just perfect, with snow capped mountains in the distance, multiple shades and layers of blue from the sky and the sea, and waves crashing on the shore.  I would tell you I ate a whitebait fritter and Karl had fish and chips.

IMG_5783Lunch at the Lake Ferry Hotel


Snow capped mountains in the far distance


Grey, stony sand


Waves 1


Waves 2

I would tell you that I’m making rhubarb and apple crumble for desert, and you were welcome to join us for dinner, and maybe also enjoy a glass of wine picked up in Martinborough on the way home.


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