Beer, beer and more beer

After a week of feeling terrible and even taking two days off work sick, the weekend has arrived, and with it Beervana, the two day beer festival that takes place in Wellington each year. This event takes place each year, and we last went two years ago.  This year there were around 200 beers available for tasting, from New Zealand and overseas.  Alongside the beers, there were numerous food stalls, with all sorts of delicious offerings.

Armed with our Beervana glass (which is now plastic), we sampled a fair few. Taster sizes are 75ml (we weren’t drinking pints!) and where possible, Karl and I tried to sample different ones from different breweries so we could taste a few more.


Great labels and nice beer from Behemoth based in Auckland


2nd from the left – Chur – a New Zealand Pale Ale

A lot of the breweries went to town on creating interesting stalls to pull in the punters.  One even had a mini beer garden.

IMG_5286Lakeman from Taupo, where Karl sampled something delicious


Yeastie Boys


Mac’s tapping into the hipster scene in Wellington!


Deck chairs…


 …and an old vehicle turned into beer dispenser at Tuatara


Kereru, based in Upper Hutt

It’s hard to say what our favourites were, but after some consideration, we both decided our favourites came from local brewery, Garage Project. Nerissimo, which I had, described as a “porcini and fresh black truffle porter”, was a soft and creamy dark beer. Karl had the Artful Dodger, “a new wave English ale”, which he said was full of flavour and one he would have again.


Naturally, food was needed, and we enjoyed burgers from Burger Liquor, which came with cheddar, pickle, their own ketchup and mustard mayo, served on a brioche style bun.


However, the food highlight was from The Firetruck, which happened to be next to the Garage Project stall. The Orongo Bay Pickled Oysters were out of this world…I only had one but could have eaten half a dozen easily.


An extremely delicious pickled oyster

If you’re ever in Wellington when Beervana is on, do go along.  It isn’t exactly cheap, but you do get to taste a whole heap of wonderful beers and enjoy some good food at the same time.


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