An exhibition, a painting and comfort food

It has been a really wet week here, with lots of rain, even though it is still warm outside. If the weather forecast is to be believed, then it looks like temperatures may drop a little too in the coming days. I think, what with the clocks going back last weekend too, we can officially say it is autumn.

I’ve also been thinking about what things to do during my lunch break, since it seems that sitting outside in the sunshine with a book isn’t going to be possible for quite a while. There is always the temptation to go shopping since I work in the CBD (Central Business District), so I need other distractions.

So, yesterday I popped into the NZ Academy of Fine Arts to see the current exhibition. The history of this institution is well worth reading about if you have a moment.  It was founded in 1882 to promote and encourage fine arts in New Zealand, and appears to have had quite a, shall we say, turbulent history, before settling into its current home.

IMG_4459New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts in its early days

The show I saw, Solo 38, is a very mixed collection of works of different types from pottery to sculpture to painting. Each of the artists produced a body of work for this show.  Visitors to the exhibition are being asked to vote for their favourite work in a people’s choice award (which I think means the artist gets some wine). Here were my three favourites and the one I chose in the end.

IMG_4452Three rabbits running across the room by Nick Dryden


More rabbits


A single rabbit at the window

I really couldn’t decide between these, but in the end I decided on one of the small paintings by Trevor Pye, which I would love to have hanging on my wall.


A work by Michael Browne


My final favourite and of course the worst photograph


Another bad photograph of another work by Trevor Pye

This wet weather has made my mind turned to comfort food.  Yesterday I indulged in a little apple and cinnamon cake from the cafe on the ground floor of the building I work in.  Today, Friday, it was a sausage and tomato dish for dinner.  I took a photograph of it cooking but decided it spoiled the aesthetic of the rest of the post – just imagine a bit pan full of sausages, red onion, courgette and tomato – tasty, yes, but I’m no food photographer.  Hopefully, this weekend I can get some biscuits baked and maybe even get some feijoas and do something with them.

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