A little bit of France in the Pacific: New Caledonia Part 1

Last Friday, we flew up to New Caledonia for a few days of summer holiday.  When we booked the trip, we had a few things in mind: a beach, a nice hotel and somewhere ‘exotic’, at least for us.  Well, we managed to fulfill our objectives very nicely on this short trip.

New Caledonia is a French Overseas Territory (with a special status I believe) which is just over 1200km east of Australia.  It is named New Caledonia as Captain Cook, obviously delirious after months at sea, named the island group New Caledonia because the northeast of the main island reminded him of Scotland.  Well, we were only in the south, but I have to say it didn’t remind me of Scotland, especially the 32C – 35C temperatures!

We stayed in a hotel by Anse Vata beach about 5km (roughly!) from the centre of Nouméa, the capital of New Caledonia. It was just what we wanted – a hop, skip and a jump past the hotel pool and we were on the beach.  Perfect!


The hotel pool, early one morning


View from the balcony at the hotel


Another view – you can just see the pool


…and looking the other way from the balcony, where we saw parrots each evening

There were quite a few restaurants and shops near to the hotel, which I will write about in later posts.  We did very little exploring, but what we did do I’ll also write about in later posts.  In the meantime, a couple of more pictures.


Hotel entrance


A local bar


Dusk on the balcony


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