Saturday lunch, pasta and focaccia

It was back to Cuba Street again on Saturday for yet more Wellington on a Plate treats.  Cuba Street is full of cafes, restaurants, second hand clothes shops and other interesting shops such as Minerva, a book shop dedicated to sewing and crafts.  It’s also one of those streets where you should also look up, as hopefully you can see from the pictures below.



This time I went to Scopa, a place I have eaten lunch in a few times before and have always enjoyed.  To start with I had the “white anchovies with melted Cuba Fruit Mart leeks, Scopa preserved lemon, toasted pine nut and herb salad on grilled house focaccia”, which proved to be a good combination of citrus and fish on rosemary focaccia.  In case you are wondering, white anchovies are different from the sort of anchovies you get on pizzas: same type of fish but processed in a different way, marinated in vinegar and then preserved in oil.  They have a much more delicate flavour than the other ones. My friend had rather rich the duck liver parfait which you can just see at the background below.


For the main course, we both had “housemade tagliatelle with Scopa speck, chilli, confit garlic, charred brussel sprouts and Kingsmeade Wairarapa Jack cheese”.  It was a huge plateful of good flavours, the cheese in particular adding a lot to the dish.  I was a bit uncertain about brussel sprouts with pasta, but these were good and definitely not boiled-to-extinction, but grilled and full of flavour.  To drink, I had a glass of Paddy Borthwick Pinot Gris 2013, which went well with both dishes.


Wellington on a Plate finished yesterday (31st August), and I’m glad I at least managed to eat at three of the featured places this year.  As to my favourite of the three – difficult one, but the pies and beer were excellent.  I enjoyed the sardines as I had been craving them, and really liked the starter in Scopa, so all in all a good three eating experiences.



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