Taupo: wind, rain and a rainbow

As winter sets in, we decided to get away for a very short break before term starts again and also while Anton was still in Denmark.  We headed north to Taupo – about a 5 hour drive, over the Desert Road, from Wellington.  Regular readers may remember us taking this route in the summer when we went to Bay of Islands, and also visiting Taupo when we went to Rotorua last year.

The weather this trip was, shall we say, varied, with lovely sunshine driving up and 19C in Levin, followed by mist and rain as we drove over the desert road (and so failed to see anything more than the roadside – no volcanoes this time!).  Taupo was also cold, grey and wet, but we still managed to have a good time, reading, drinking tea, eating far too much and generally relaxing.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESEntrance to the Great Lake Centre, Taupo


Lake Taupo with a flying boat in the distance


Winter scene, Taupo

The first night we were there, we ate in a local pub, where I had an enormous plate of good fish and chips.  On Saturday, the Lakehouse, was our choice for dinner, where we both had amazing pizzas (I opted for the seafood one – a great combination of prawns and other fishy delights) and Karl tried the local craft beer, Lakeman.

The drive home also offered us a variety of weather, from mist and rain to sunshine and both at the same time resulting in one of those ‘only in a child’s picture book’ type of rainbows, where you could see the ‘beginning’ and the ‘end’ and all the colours distinctly.  It was a pity we couldn’t stop to capture a picture of it.

We got home to be welcomed by Charlie, our new visiting cat, who seemed pleased to see us and to have missed us.  Tomorrow, we will probably try to catch snippets of the World Cup final tomorrow (kick off 7am in New Zealand, just as we are getting ready for work), but otherwise, starting the term feeling relaxed and ready.


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