4 flights, 2 birthdays but sadly no cat

Well, finally I got home to Wellington after a long journey, starting with a flight from Glasgow to London which involved 2 delays, a dreadful stopover in Heathrow which consisted of waiting ages for my suitcase, changing terminals, checking in again and dealing with rude and officious people at the check-in desk and at security.  I was hungry after that and soooo needed a glass of wine and a burger and chips (not my usual choice but given my experiences beforehand, much needed).


What traveling through Heathrow requires

After that though, things went smoothly, with long but fine flights, first to Singapore and then to Auckland, before the final hop home to Wellington.  I met some really nice and interesting people on both of these flights.  I guess one of the joys of traveling alone in that you do talk to other people doing the same.

I had had a great trip, but it was lovely to be home again.  I had been away for Karl’s birthday, but got home in time for mine, so we went out for dinner last night to a local Italian place, Cosa Nostra,  in Thorndon.  I had a delicious risotto with prawns, pancetta and peas, which was nice and heavy on the prawns, and Karl opted for what he said was an excellent plate of ravioli. Since we were celebrating birthdays, we decided on having Affogato Corretto, that wonderful combination of espresso and ice cream (which plays absolute havoc with my digestive system, but it was my birthday, and I wanted a treat) which was served with a choice of digestif, in my case frangelico, which went so well with the ice cream and coffee.

Finally, on a very sad note, Misse Moj has not returned and must be reported as missing in action.  I can’t tell you how much we miss that lovely little ball of black fur, his cuddles and even his meowing.


Missing: Misse Moj


  1. What an experience, I hate when people become unpleasant to others. At last you’re home though, Enjoy every moment! did you lose your cat? I am so sorry about that. Hope you find him!


  2. Sorry to hear about your handsome boy – it is hard losing a member of our furry families. Glad to hear you had good flights back (after Heathrow). Happy birthdays.


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