Autumn, a lunch and a fish pie

After the lovely weather we have been having, it was all change this week, with rain, mist and wind all in time to welcome William, Kate and George.  On Friday, it was still grey but also 20C, so no need for winter woolies.



On Tuesday, we had dinner at The Tasting Room after my last Hawaiian dance class of this term.  I’m not always keen to take photos of food in cafes or restaurants, so there is no picture of the really tasty fish pie I opted for.  There was a mix of good pieces of salmon and prawns in a good, creamy sauce, topped with a chorizo mash, which added a smoky taste and complemented the fish really well.  The garlicky green beans with it were crisp and really fresh.  It was just the perfect thing on a rainy evening.

I’ve been working at home quite a bit these past few days, which means a chance to make a lunch that isn’t eaten out of a plastic box.  On Wednesday, I made this healthy looking plate with smoked salmon, capers, baby spinach leaves, lots of lime juice for a real tang and the all essential egg.  If I had to rank my two favourite foods I think they would be eggs and mushrooms, and a good mushroom omelette is indeed a feast.



Apart from eating, this week I went to see a really fun dance production by Java Dance I reviewed in my last post, and also tried a new exercise class, X-tend Barre, a sort of Pilates/ballet mix which was great fun.  I’m not one for treadmills and rowing machines, but this sort of thing appeals much more to me.  Anyway, I’ve booked myself another class so let’s see how it goes!




    1. Yes we are lucky to get really great ingredients here. The smoked salmon is so superior to what I used to get in Denmark (and we are talking like for like supermarket stuff).


  1. Lucky you. Our temperatures are -8C now and we had snow yesterday. Can you imagine? The autumn lunch looks delicious!


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