Hula, honey and something horrid

Things still seen to be hectic here, or rather, there just seems to be a lot of things going on, whether it be dental consultations (not for the squeamish!) or having to deal with a rather unpleasant incident.

The unpleasant incident involved a dead cat in some sort of trap being left on our terrace.  I found the whole thing upsetting, not just because it was a dead cat, but who thought it acceptable to kill a cat like this and then dump it on someone else’s property.  The SPCA came and took the poor thing away, and I just hope it is not someone who is a fan of Gareth Morgan’s plan to rid of New Zealand of cats, who is targeting local animals.  I would be so sad if something happened to this lovely creature.


Misse Moj sleeping peacefully

Meanwhile, I have been going to Hawaiian dance classes.  It is great fun, but there will definitely be no pictures or video.  Some things should remain hidden from the public eye!

There is a definite sign that autumn is approaching, although it has still been nice enough to sit outside.  Yesterday evening was one such evening, and I tried out a spiced apple cider from Apple Tree Cider, which definitely has a warming, wintery feeling to it.  It should be nice in the winter, with its taste of apple crumble and cinnamon buns.


Spiced apple cider in anticipation of winter

I’ve also been drinking a hot drink of fresh lime juice and manuka honey to get rid of a sore throat.  It tastes good in any case!


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