Sun, seeds and sausages

It has been another sunny Sunday here.  Actually, there was a small shower yesterday which provided a tiny drop of much needed rain.  It has been a very dry summer, particularly in the north of North Island, where there is a real drought.

We had one wee scare this week when Anton bumped his head and had to be taken to hospital.  It was more a precaution than anything else just in case it was concussion.  He was fine though and full of energy after a night in hospital.

Other than that, we had some excellent venison sausages from our local butcher in Kelburn village, a shop I think I should frequent more often.  Today in the market we bought some lamb sausages with Thai basil, chilli and coriander which sound interesting at least.  One thing I am enjoying about being in New Zealand is being able to buy good, proper sausages again!

On shopping, last week I mentioned the underground market I went to last week.  I was strangely drawn back to it this week (with the goal of buying a vase, which I did, but in a different place) and found another ‘dangerous’ stall, Blue Star Kiwi which was very hard to resist.  I bought three miniature fruit tarts and a cake stand, and am now eagerly looking forward to my other miniature things arriving with the rest of our stuff next month.


Three miniature fruit tarts from Blue Star Kiwi

And what about the seeds?  Well, my friend Tamsin in Auckland had sent me some seeds to plant, and today, after some much needed weeding, I planted the chives and borage.  Apparently, borage is a traditional garnish to a Pimm’s cup, so hopefully it will grow and bloom!

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  1. Thanks for your blog! i love reading about what you are up to. Poor Anton! Still all is well and an adventure to the hospital under all your belts too. You would not believe how cold it is here, and snow and hail coming down.

    I loved!! those little cakes and stand! How absolutely gorgeous! No wonder you had to buy them! I can’t seem to get onto their website from your link though. i will have another look.

    sleep well 🙂 x


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