In the kitchen on Wednesday

One of the joys of autumn is the produce available. Beautifully coloured pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, crisp green and red cabbages, bright Brussels sprouts and the start of what I call interesting root vegetable season. Kiwifruit, limes, persimmons, pears and of course apples all sit in the fruit corner opening up so many possibilities.

Quite often at this time of year I make soup on a Wednesday. Partly as I am at home and have time and partly as there is a chance to go bread shopping as well for after all, there is nothing better than a fresh loaf to put on the table. This week’s soup was very autumnal – butternut squash.

For some reason, I forgot to buy onions this week, but had bought a beautiful leek, so part of that formed the basis of the soup. I added the squash, stock and seasoning (a little ginger, paprika, rosemary and oregano along with salt and pepper), then used my stick blender to make a smooth soup.

Karl brought home some focaccia to have with it, and I topped the bowls with parsley, toasted seeds and a few bacon bits. It was the perfect thing for a chilly autumn evening before going out to a dance performance. Do you have a favourite autumn soup?

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  1. Ah! here’s the soup – spotted the butternut squash on your IG thread and was wondering if I would have a look at your finished creation. Delicious!

    I have never thought to save the seeds to toast and garnish – thank you thank you! I will do that next time get a seeded squash!

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