Six on Saturday 05.02.22

Finally some rain! Not only is it much needed, but it has been so humid recently that it has been really uncomfortable. The plants are all looking a bit uncomfortable too, especially my dahlias which seem to really hate this weather. I haven’t managed to get a wētā cave yet, but it is definitely on my list. Anyway, thanks to The Propagator who encourages us to share what is going on in our gardens in all parts of the world. Check out the participant guide if you want to join in.

The end…of the alstroemerias….just seeds left with the last of the flowers now gone. These are not particularly good photos, but the seeds are really attractive.

The beginning…of the Japanese anemones….with some lovely big fat buds getting ready to flower and one actual flower spotted, but I couldn’t get close enough for a decent photo.

The next stage…can be seen with this sunflower. Last week it was just a wonderful geometric shape, this week, a gorgeous yellow flower. These are miniature sunflowers that are fine for pots or small spaces. It is a lovely spot of colour too on this grey day.

The pest…I have been spraying various plants, particularly the dahlias, with an organic pesticide to get rid of the eggs of the lace moth. Here is one of the beasts, just on an agapanthus at least.

The (mostly) useful…well, the rosemary and tarragon are, of which I have a good quantity. However, I am not sure if you can use rue without knowing what you were doing – isn’t it a bit poisonous? It does look so pretty with the raindrops on the leaves though.

The final word…goes to this deep red nasturtium, which sort of glows between the leaves. There are also a few ‘classic’ orange ones around (one can be seen in the featured image at the top of the post, or on the blog’s home page if you are using a mobile device).

That is my six this week, and as usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. Hope you are all well and enjoying your gardens in whatever the season is with you.

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  1. I had never really paid attention to the seeds of alstroemeria but it’s true that they’re pretty. Very pretty petals of the red nasturtium with a velvet appearance in the photo. This sunflower isn’t that tall, right?

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  2. I need to try sunflowers again this year, I sowed seed of the smaller ones last year but only two actually avoided being eaten and managed to flower! I think this year I shall keep them in a pot.

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  3. The red nasturtium is beautiful! I’ve never heard of them, maybe they’re not common here. I always enjoy blog posts about plants! What did you use as organic pesticide?
    I’m so looking forward to the gardening season! I guess it has sort of started because now it’s time to start cleaning up, picking some weeds and planting seeds (although can only do that indoors so far).

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  4. The nasturtium took my breath away, with its head turned coyly to the side and the tiny droplets adding sparkle. And thank you for sharing the sunflower in bloom. My readers and I enjoyed its pre-bloom beauty last week!

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