The holiday ends…

We are now back in Wellington after a lovely few days up in Hawke’s Bay. On Tuesday, we spent some time at Waipatiki…you can too, whatever day it is with you.

My husband and I have another week off before going back to work, which is quite lovely. I’m entering this post into Natalie’s Weekend Coffee Share so that if you are snowed in, you can remember the good days of summer.

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  1. Hi T&K.
    Happy summer & New Year.
    Having never been to the opposing hemisphere, I’ve not had the opportunity to put those two thoughts together before. My wife hates the gray and rain of winter so I doubt I’ll be showing her your photos. She’d want me to book travel ASAP..
    But, a bit of grace just found us and there is a break in our clouds which is letting a short gush of pure sun light into our windows.
    Your beach shots are very tempting though.
    Hope your full break proves to be full of similar great moments.

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    1. I thought you would spot the surf! My husband had gone in the water, just to swim, and did not last long as the waves were quite strong. I am looking forward to the week ahead too I must admit.


  2. Looks like you had a beautiful holiday. Enjoy this week before easing back to work. Happy New Year and thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.

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  3. Happy summer and new year. Aw, I’m so looking forward to summer, I’m jealous of you! I’m so happy you had a great trip to the beach though. Enjoy another week off before going back to work.

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