Six on Saturday 04.12.21

Today, 4th December, is St Barbara’s Day. She is the patron saint of miners, artillerymen and anyone who works with explosives, and also useful to have around if there is a thunderstorm. It also means it is my Name Day, and we have just come back from a lovely dinner out to celebrate. You can read more about St Barbara if you are interested here and the Name Day tradition if you don’t know about it here. But to the garden…and thanks to The Propagator who encourages us to share what is going on in our gardens in all parts of the world. Check out the participant guide if you want to join in.

First up, a disaster. Turn your back for one minute, and you get invaded by agapanthus. I counted three large buds today. Pretty they may be, but they are weeds here. There are always some in an inaccessible bit at the back of the house, so no surprise we have some at the front now too.

So let’s move to things I do want to see…mint and variegated marjoram for example, plus oregano, thyme, tarragon and other things that look, smell and taste good.

I was working at home today and when I popped outside for some fresh air I spotted this flower on the salvia (salvia blue black). It was so lovely to see in the middle of 6.5 hours of Zoom conversations.

Other lovely things to see…ripe wild strawberries, nasturtiums popping up, rock lilies and watching a blackbird steal bits from our door mat for a nest I guess. We have had lovely sunny weather most of this week, with enough rain so that I haven’t had to water the plants

Over at camellia corner, and while there are still lots of flowers on the bush in front of the house, there are even more on the steps, on the decking, over everything. I seem to be constantly sweeping and tidying up these gorgeous pink petals.

Finally, the first alstroemerias are flowering. There will be lots more to come in time for Christmas.

That is my six this week, and as usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. Hope you are all well and enjoying your gardens in whatever the season is with you. 

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  1. Sorry you find the agapanthus a nuisance where you are: I battle to keep them alive in my garden! The alstroemerias look cheerfully pretty – my mother used to love these flowers, which grew well in her garden. It’s all a matter of climate – and the rain! Your mint is looking beautifully healthy.


    1. I always thought of agapanthus as something difficult to grow…until I came to New Zealand, where they grow by the road side and ask over the place. That mint has quite small leaves, but is full of flavour and flourishing.

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  2. These little mint leaves, that tarragon and thyme look tasty. They give a fortaste of summer?
    About agapanthus we fight to try to make them survive the winter… to get some flowers

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  3. Hahaha… I see you have already had many comments from us northerners about the Agapanthus! They grow all over this part of Cornwall too! A lovely six this week, I just love that Salvia.

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