Words on Wednesday

Wednesday dawned, a bit grey, but warm. With not having to work midweek, I treat myself to a leisurely breakfast, catching up on emails and messages, reading, taking my time. I usually have some things to do, today this included a visit to my wonderful chiropractor for my monthly ‘tune up’. I popped into Arty Bees second hand bookshop, Moore Wilson’s for something for dinner, and then headed over to Small Acorns to pick up an order, and to favourite cafe, Squirrel, for a pot of tea and the best chicken sandwich in Wellington (named Maude’s chicken sandwich after the owner’s dog!).

The order I was picking up was my 2022 desk diary from Emma Kate Co, the third year in a row I have used one. The pages are beautifully laid out, and there is a monthly planner, a weekly section and a place for notes, thoughts and ideas. It came beautifully wrapped up in pink tissue paper, and also included a pen holder and a little packet of basil seeds (which I must remember to plant).

I had an appointment in the afternoon, and walked home through the Botanic Gardens. It was warm – 18C – though cloudy – but it was lovely to stroll without a coat on. I started a new book, poached some salmon to have with parsley sauce, potatoes and asparagus for dinner, and generally had a very relaxing day.

How was your Wednesday? The yellow flowers at the top of the post are kowhai, a real sign of spring.

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  1. Looks like fine ole relaxing day all round – I took the step 1 of a picnic – but not with 9 others (2 bubbles combined) but as a picnic for one…mine was a pulled pork and salad sandwich on some interesting bread and a sweet something for later…

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  2. Sounds like a wonderful day. My Wednesday is just starting. Also that chicken sandwich looks amazing. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

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  3. My Wednesday is just starting and will be much quieter than yours. Part of this comes from living in the country. Still, the day is sunny and warm. I will begin emptying and washing outdoor plant containers to be tucked away for winter. As always, the food looks and sounds so good. And, yes, the last photograph certainly is beautiful.

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    1. I really need a day in the garden tidying up. It won’t happen this weekend (again), but we might be able to get to the garden centre at least. As I said to Anne, that view as you walk down the hill always makes me smile.

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