This week’s small pleasures #229

In a week that saw the opening of the Trans Tasman bubble, the death at far too early an age of choreographer Liam Scarlett and the funeral of Prince Philip, there were lots of small pleasures to note this week. There was sitting and reading by the waterfront one lunch time (see the featured image at the top of the post – if you can that is – depends on what device you are using), putting on the blue and white checked duvet covers that for some reason remind me of Sweden, finishing a good book and just sitting enjoying a cup of coffee after dinner with my husband. Oh yes…and watching Charlie sleeping and listening to his sweet snoring as well as enjoying these gorgeous purple blooms on the lamiaceae in the Botanic Gardens.

Another small pleasure this week was a return to my favourite cafe, Squirrel, on Saturday morning. I had woken early, so just jumped on a bus, ate my toast and read my book, said hello to a couple of people, then walked back to my Pilates class. I can’t see me doing this every week, but good to know it can be done, even though it means a slightly odd route to class. The flowers below were on the table I sat at.

In our shopping basket this week broccoli, green beans, pears (see my previous post), lemons, a little celeriac and some goat cream cheese with dill from The Drunken Nanny could all be found. I enjoyed fruit toast with maple butter and cinnamon at Squirrel, ate pizza at Santeria on Cuba Street on Thursday evening, with me opting for my favourite, seafood with prawns and calamari. And best of all…I found a packet of smoked salmon in the fridge to enjoy with Sunday breakfast.

On Sunday, we drove over the Remutaka Range to have lunch in Featherston at Brac & Bow in the Royal Hotel. The restaurant had previously stood on the other side of the road, but the owners recently took over the hotel. We had enjoyed Brac & Bow in the past, so it was a good excuse to go back. The new space is much bigger and has a bar area as well. The food is just as good, with me enjoying the excellent smoked fish chowder and Karl the fish and chips. The hotel reception is home to an old typewriter and telephone – a nice touch. We stopped at the great little cheese shop and baker and then drove to Martinborough to buy some local wine before coming home.

To finish this week, a picture of Sunday’s blue sky. Doesn’t it fill you with joy and make you smile? Such a wonderful small pleasure to end this week’s post.

What were your small pleasures this week?

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  1. I am a huge Salmon fan here, I’m guessing that’s what’s in your photo. We watched delayed coverage of the funeral here the morning after, good to see them coming together.

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  2. I feel so much sunshine in your week!
    and all that good eating …. thank you for delighting our eyes and our imaginations as we virtually share your meals!
    And I love your lead photo – I can smell the fresh fresh air, and hear the sound of the water lapping against the stone, and hear the birds cry above.

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