This week’s small pleasures #233

The past week seems to have drifted by, with sunshine, rain and a little wind, heralding the last days of summer and the start of autumn. I have already seen feijoas for sale. It is also a year since my brother in Edinburgh died – still hard to believe. You can read my blog post at the time here.

Anyway, there have been quite a few small pleasures this week, from dropping back down to Covid Alert Level 1 for all of New Zealand except Auckland to this keruru, sitting quite happily on a cabbage tree. If I could have stood on the wall beside the tree, I could almost have touched him. It was a lovely sunny day too as you can see.

And so to food….being at home has made me be a bit more creative with lunches. There was toasted ciabatta topped with sauerkraut, prosciutto and micro greens, a salad topped with edible flowers, leftover chicken, micro greens and the last of a jar of cornichons and on Thursday, left over turkey meatballs and pasta. On Friday, I had lunch at Floriditas on Cuba Street, enjoying a chicken mayo sandwich with avocado, cucumber pickle and iceberg lettuce. All very delicious and enjoyable!

There are all sorts of things popping up over Wellington at the moment. On Friday, it was PARK(ing) day, an annual global event where “citizens, artists and designers collaborate temporarily to transform metered parking spaces into living parks”. I discovered that the project began in 2005 when Rebar, a San Francisco art and design studio, converted a single parking space into a temporary public park in the city. It is a sort of ‘reclaim the space’ type project I guess. One group occupied a couple of parking spaces with comfy chairs, games and were giving out little jars of locally produced honey as random acts of kindness to those passing by. I can’t tell you how much this brought a smile to my face.

Throughout February and March, the What if the city was a theatre? arts event has been running, with all sorts of things from poetry being read at the waterfront, circus acts, music and dance. On Sunday, a friend and I had booked to see Java Dance Theatre’s Back of the Bus performance, which took place, as the name implies, on a bus. I did actually see this piece a few years ago, but wanted to go again as it really is a lot of fun. While the dancers do dance on the bus, the bus also stops at different locations, where we, the audience, are taken by the dancers to a spot to watch them. On this trip we went to the Bucket Fountain on Cuba Street, a room in a flat and an outside a bar in town. It was such good fun, and you couldn’t help but smile for ages after. While we were waiting to get on the bus, we were treated to some excerpts from Don Giovanni, performed by members of Wellington Opera. They were performing from a construction site as you can see below – a perfect example of the city as theatre. The other two pictures are of one of the dancers performing by the Bucket Fountain, and of another dancer (who happens to be one of my Pilates teachers) on the bus itself.

So those are my small pleasures this week. What were yours? Here are some other bloggers with their favourites from the past week. Please free to join in!

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  1. We seem to get more Tui up here than Kereru and they are so loud but every so cool. Our neighbour has feijoa hedge so I’ll probably ask nicely for some and make a cake, one of the nice things about Autumn

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    1. We get lots of tuis at home and yes they are really loud! I’d never tried a feijoa until I came to New Zealand and now I look forward to them every year – apple and feijoa crumble coming soon!


  2. This post was jammed packed with good things! Also, left me wanting some sauerkraut. 😉 On a more serious note…very sorry about your brother. How we grieve over the passing of those we love.

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  3. I hope you have many happy memories to look back on that bring you comfort when thinking of your Brother.
    Wow so much to see & do, I love the hand statue on the top of the building, quirky fun. The food looks great. So cool when the wildlife get that close. A city Coffs Harbour bout an hr away has a similar festival with all sorts of arty stuff going on. Its a little hectic for me but I do love the talent that’s about in our world. Have a fun rest of the week.

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  4. I read your post about your brother…a lovely tribute to him. I have two older brothers and although I was teased a bit, as a child, they were very caring as I grew up.
    Wellington must be a great place to live, always something going on!

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    1. Oh thank you for reading the post about my brother! I also had two older brothers, both much older than me. I was always the little sister, even when I grew up. Yes there is always something going o in Wellington.

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  5. Thank you for the Fashioned for Joy shout-out — and also for YOUR luscious variety this week: a bird, exotic (to me); beautiful food; and engaging city theatre. I love the bus play — I’m so glad you shared it! I am also grateful to read your note to Peter. You made him so real to us, with quirks and with kindness. Happy Burpday, Peter. And bouquets to you, Thistle.

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