This week’s small pleasures #231

Another week, another set of small pleasures. There was a visit to the bookshop, some lovely comments from fellow bloggers and a phone call to my older brother in Vancouver to wish him a happy birthday. It was a special one for him, and his children, grandchildren and I contributed to a video wishing him all the best since none of us could be with him on the day. In fact, the video allowed us all to see each other, so very much a small pleasure.

And so to the other small pleasures of the week…and things I spotted on a walk in the Botanic Gardens. I know…I think nearly every Small Pleasures post has pictures from these gardens, but at least these change with the seasons! Below a lily and stunning bright pink dahlia spotted this week. The featured image at the top of the post was taken on the same walk.

I travelled for work this week, up to one of my favourite parts of the country, Hawke’s Bay as I mentioned on Saturday. Below you can see the on-campus vineyard at the institution I was visiting. The weather was lovely, the visit good, and I managed to get on an earlier flight home thanks to the efficiency of the ground staff at the airport – a wonderful small pleasure!

And so to food….I baked a cake on Saturday, and roasted a chicken, in my usual way with lemon, garlic and whatever herbs are around. In the shopping basket there were raspberries, blueberries, plums, courgettes, capsicum, lamb mince and, of course lemons, always.

I will end with Sunday’s sunset, which I just managed to capture. A fitting picture to end the post on the tenth anniversary of the Christchurch quake which killed 185 people. There was a memorial service today in the city at the memorial wall we visited last year.

So those are my small pleasures this week. What were yours? Here are some other bloggers with their favourites from the past week. Please free to join in!

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  1. Thanks for the mention. The Botanic Gardens are so wonderful that it’s no wonder you want to feature them for, well, whatever post you are working on. I love seeing the Gardens in all their various aspects. So post away. And a very happy birthday to your brother!

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  2. Thanks for reminding us of tenth anniversary of the Christchurch earthquake ..we were in Christchurch last December, and although it is now becoming a thriving city, it was dreadful to see some of the buildings affected.

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  3. Happy pleasures for me included driving through thick mist (even though we have had no rain for months). seeing four Blue Cranes in the wild, watching a Gymnogene swoop low over our garden for two days in a row, and (an odd one this) having an eye operation yesterday which will, I hope, improve my vision in the long run!

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  4. The flowers are blooming well and memories trickled back for me at the mention of Hawke’s Bay – extended family settled in that region years ago. The Christchurch memories received some news attention here too. It must be a constant and sad reminder for many families in the area.

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  5. A lovely roundup of things to make you smile! I loved the area of Hawke’s Bay when we visited NZ a few years ago and really want to return one day. We are up in Queensland (about 1700km drive from home) and enjoying time with my daughter and grandson. Thanks for including my post here

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