Six on Saturday 30.05.20

Anyone else find it hard to believe it is the end of May already? We are well on our way to the shortest day for us here in the Southern Hemisphere, and it feels like we are emerging from lockdown and autumn at almost the same time. In any case, we had a lot of rain on Sunday and Monday, and then the week gradually brightened up, though it is noticeably cooler as you would expect in the early mornings and at night. Once again, thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens.

So first up, the bulbs I had ordered by post arrived. I’ve managed to get the muscari in and the jet fire daffodils, but am a bit flummoxed as to where to put the rest. Plus I have no bulb fibre left. With Monday being a holiday here, a trip to the garden centre will just have to be done at some point. Yes they are going in very late, but it was good to see the bulbs being planted in the Botanic Gardens this week, so I don’t feel quite so bad about it.


Next up, camellias. Last week I showcased the pink ones on the steps up from the house, this week we’ll start with the bush beside the house with the stunning pink buds and white flowers (small pictures below). Please don’t ask me which variety it is as it was long established before we move in, but if anyone knows then do please tell me. The other picture was taken from upstairs, looking down on the first flowers (ie the ones that get the most sun) on the large bush in front of the house. This bush is a favourite with kākās.

I know I have posted some other pictures of my wild strawberry plants recently, but at number three this week, we have this little beauty that I managed to grab before anyone – or anything – else. And yes there is a little mite of some sort on the leaf next to it.

Next up, surprise of the week, because there is always one. Not a big surprise as I could see it was about to bloom, but this little marigold, grown from seed from the last crop I grew, is brightening up one of the pots. It will soon be joined by some others I hope.

A little marigold

Next up, the herbs. The broad leaf parsley seedlings I bought are thriving, which is good, and I enjoyed some tarragon with my eggs for lunch during the week. Otherwise, I got some decent sage leaves to add to tonight’s dinner and there is always a decent supply of thyme. In fact, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme are all doing well (cue for a song…).

To round off this week’s post, more of the tecomanthe speciosa or Three King’s Climber. I tried to take a picture from upstairs (a theme of this week!) to try to give some idea of the size of it. Not sure if the picture gives any indication, but the plant wraps itself around the fencing and also along the fence in front of the house a little. There are still lots of flowers, but most of them are quite high up to get decent pictures.

That is all from me this week. As usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world. Take care out there! Kia kaha.

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  1. I feel like I am stalking your tecomanthe, waiting to see if it features, I am a big fan. The little marigold is lovely, and your pink budded, white flowered camellia really nice. Have a great week. Happy bulb planting!

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  2. Some nice bulbs. I’ve had a good year with the Muscari. Lots of butterflies visiting.
    Nice little marigold. I had some for sale in my charity box but all gone. Got people asking for more but only got the ones ready for my own garden.

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  3. As we would say in Maine, those Three King’s Climbers are some flowers. Nothing like that around here, that’s for sure. As you approach your shortest day of the year, we approach our longest.

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  4. I don’t recognize your white Camellia, there are very many NZ raised varieties that never made it over here, but given that you are still in late autumn I’m wondering if it is a sasanqua or vernalis variety. Is it scented?

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    1. Yes we do get different varieties here. I should go and have a look in the Botanic Gardens and see if they have one the same (or ask them in fact). It doesn’t seem to have a smell…or at least not that I have identified!


  5. May seems to ahve flown by. Looking around the gardens of other bloggers makes me realise how quickly the plants have come on. IT seems strange as we look forward to summer and the longest day you are almost on the shortest.

    Your camelias are lovely … I really must see if I can buy them here. They are one of my favourit plants.

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    1. The first year we were here ir was really strange to have the shortest day at midsummer in the north….but have got used to it now. There are so many camellias around – lots in the Botanic Gardens too.


  6. I love the feature image of your cat with its long shadow! I’m sure you’ll find plenty of spaces to put your bulbs. People are always telling me (mostly my husband) that there’s no more room in the garden…but of course there is…I just have to find it or make it. 😁


  7. Lovely six, and interesting to see more photos of your tecomanthe.
    I think your photo ( of yourself) is taken at Zealandia. I’ve only just realised. Am I right?


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