This week’s small pleasures #181

Monday has come around again, and time to reflect on this week’s small pleasures. It was not a particularly good week in many ways, and at times like this it is even more important to notice the small pleasures that are around us. These can be as simple as a beautiful flower on a cafe table on a Saturday morning….or the joy of a deep, purple cauliflower.

Saturday flower

And on that note…on Wednesday I picked up that purple cauliflower, a bright yellow capsicum and some red tomatoes at the vegetable market. The bright colours just sing out. On Saturday, heirloom tomatoes of lovely shapes and colours demanded that I buy them from Commonsense Organics (pictured below). Such simple small pleasures!

Of course there was the usual Saturday toast treat at Squirrel. I opted for the summer fruit toast again this week, with fruit piled high on top of ricotta and topped with honey, puffed quinoa and pecan nuts. At the Wednesday market, I spotted this gorgeous rosemary and sea salt focaccia from Shelly Bay Baker – soft and tasty, it went well with that evening’s dinner.

Taking time to sit in the garden to switch off from work is a small pleasure. Who knows, you might be lucky to see a bee on a small sunflower. Add on 10 minutes of meditation, and the office seems far away.

Bee and sunflower

And of course, Charlie is a small pleasure…even when he comes home covered in seeds (how did that marigold seed attach itself to his leg?), having eaten grass, and throws up over the steps. Our little fur ball is still a special part of our lives.


What were your small pleasures of the week past?

Thanks to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the original idea.

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  1. A very hard week in many ways here, too. But your small pleasures always brighten even the gloomiest day. That Saturday flower has the most amazing colors! Holy cats! And speaking of cats…those purring fur buddies are worth every bit of bother.


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