Six on Saturday 14.09.19

As I started to write this blog post this afternoon, it was pouring down with rain. The rain in fact started last night, and with a couple of small breaks, it seemed like it has rained ever since. Ah well….such is spring weather! If you want to see what spring is looking like when it is sunny in Wellington, check out my post from Wednesday. Anyway, thanks once again to The Propagator for allowing us to share what is going on in our gardens, or in my case this week, what is also going on in my indoor garden.

First on the list – rain drops on a spider’s web

Now September is here, it is time to wake up the dormant cacti. I used to have lots when I lived in Scotland, but for some reason only have three here in Wellington. Maybe it is time to get some more?

Cacti time

Next up…basil woes! On the left, a very soggy Red Freddy basil, and on the right, the bare twigs of another basil plant. Plant number three is still fine, at the moment. I had really hoped they would all last the winter, but no luck I am afraid.

A tale of three basils

Meanwhile, the cyclamen are blooming. Both plants are doing fine, and producing some lovely flowers (and yes I did tidy up the dead flowers you can see on the table!).

Next up, the magnolia, which is really in full bloom and looking as stunning as ever, despite the grey skies and gloomy weather this afternoon.

And now, as the sun sinks over the yardarm, the sun has popped out to say hello, so I’ve just taken the chance to check on things, pick some parsley and mint, and take in a few seconds of blue skies.

The mint at least is doing fine
Evening skies

As usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful gardens in other parts of the world.

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  1. I hope that spider web is much smaller in reality otherwise I think I would have to move. The magnolia is stunning.


  2. My Basil haven’t even survived the summer this year! They were attacked by aphids and never really recovered. Oh, well, these are the ups and downs of gardening. And I agree with OMAHGT about the spider web!!


  3. If the sun was sinking over the yardarm, I hope you were having something nice to drink and admiring the garden ( especially that gorgeous magnolia) even though it was raining.


  4. Nice to see you have a thing for Cacti. My daughter is nuts about them and we have them in pots around the house on windowsills.


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