Copenhagen…or our travels to Europe part 2

From Stockholm, we moved south to Copenhagen, a city I lived in for eight and a half years. It is always a bit strange to go back to a place you saw every day, worked in and experienced on a daily basis. Some things are the same, some different, and still remembered well trodden pathways surface as if walked the day before.  This post is not a tourist guide to the city, more about me in the city this time around.

1.  Weather

We had sunshine, we had snow…it was variable!

Axeltorv – new since we lived there…with blue skies and sunshine

2. Where we stayed

A little flat bang in the middle of the city…just right, very Copenhagen.  Sheets hanging to dry in the courtyard, worn steps and a building that survived the bombing by the British in 1807.

A room with a sort of view

3. Meeting friends

It was good to meet old friends for lunch, tea, dinner, and long evening conversations. I have to say, it was so good to see people again, and pick up where we left off last time.

Me in Copenhagen, near the university
Ginger, lime and elderflower in The Living Room on Larsbjørnsstræde – a good place to meet people

I also did some more shopping in Cos…just because I could.  It was also a time to pause a bit and catch up with life, and amaze myself by switching to my pretty awful Danish when out and about.

4. Making friends

Well, I tried to make friends with this beautiful creature who lived in the courtyard where our flat was located.

One of the yard cats

5. Well known places

Seeing the now completed Axeltorv and Norreport station was interesting (see pictures above and below), but other parts of the city are still construction sites due to the expansion of the metro system.

Norreport Station

One morning, I walked along by where we used to live, on my way to meet Karl and Anton for lunch.  The launderette is now a clothes shop, the clothes shop is now a French bakery, but the take-away pizza place is still there.

My old neighbourhood

6. Food

One thing I noticed in both Stockholm and Copenhagen was the availability of both vegetarian and vegan burgers in burger places, such as Halifax on Vesterbrogade.  The vegan burger was surprisingly good!

A vegan burger

We ate dinner one evening at FedteGreven on Store Regnegade in the city.  My friends and I opted for some of the small dishes (particularly enjoying the Krabbe Guacamash a crab/avocado combination and the Duroc Carpaccio med Karamelliseret Løg (a wonderful air-dried ham with caramilized onions and truffle mayonnaise).  Karl had the steak with the ‘signature sauce’ which got rave revues.  A highly recommended place to go should you be in Copenhagen.

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