This week’s small pleasures #60

Another week, another not very good week, but there were a few small pleasures nevertheless, such as some lovely sunny (if cold) winter days, enjoying some time to read, and more flowers (such as the ones above in our yard).

This week’s shopping

I know I went on about plant based foods last week, but who could resist sausages from Prodigal Daughter, based in Greytown? I’ll probably put them into a tomato sauce with some canellini beans during the week.  Winter means citrus, so there were oranges and lemons in the basket, along with some dark green silver beet and spinach.  There’s some mint there, to put through Israeli couscous, some Syrah to have with Saturday dinner, and another bar of chocolate from the new Whittaker’s Destination range.  We’ve already tried the caramelised pecans, waffle and Canadian maple syrup (see below), so now it is time for the Indian cardamom and Italian apricots bar.  I don’t normally like milk chocolate, but the first bar we tried was excellent.

Some of this week’s basket
Chocolate and flowers


Tea at Ekor Book Cafe, Pilates, food shopping, taking a nap, re-watching a favourite movie, reading a magazine, making lasagne, drinking some wine, curling up in a fur throw as it’s cold outside – a good Saturday.


Beer and barley sourdough from Pandoro, Fix and Fogg peanut butter, tea and sunshine to start the day. Then a walk to town, stopping to admire the Japanese magnolia in the Botanic Gardens, lunch, and to see a film (review in the next post).  The weekend has gone all to quickly.

Staring up at the flowers in the Botanic Gardens

How was your week?  How was your weekend?

Thanks to Mani at A New Life Wandering for the original idea.  Check out Middle Europe and as well.

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