Over the sea to Sydney

I’m sitting here in a hotel room in Sydney, where we have come for a few days holiday after the festive season. We are making plans each day, rather than having specific things in mind, which is also relaxing. I was last in Sydney many years ago, so it was great to go back.

We flew over early Monday morning, which meant we got a full day in Sydney, although a proper afternoon nap was very necessary (we were up at 3:30am…). It was a bit grey and overcast, but that did not put us off going out and doing a bit of exploring.  After a quick bite to eat, we set off to walk about The Rocks, the historic (and so full of tourists, like us) part of the city.

Cadman’s Cottage
From the observatory overlooking the city

We just wandered about, with no particular plan, turning down street and alleys that looked interesting. The view from the observatory gives a great panorama over the city.

Old door

We also spotted a fair few ibis wandering around. These birds have been moving from their natural breeding grounds to urban areas since the 1970s. Apparently they smell too.

Mock turtle in a fountain
Ibis drinking

We finished the day with some much need fish and chips before retiring for a well deserved sleep.


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