Watching, listening, reading: May

Can you believe it is the end of May already?  No I can’t either.  Anyway, here is this month’s round up of what I’ve been watching, listening to and reading.


The month began with a trip to the cinema to see Bolshoi Babylon, a fascinating documentary about the Bolshoi Ballet.  The film focuses on the management rather than the dancers, particularly on the case of Sergei Filin, who, when he was artistic director in 2013, had acid thrown in his face.  Another dancer, Pavel Dmitrichenko, admitted coveting Filin’s job and paying a couple of thugs to beat him up, although he denied wanting or ordering anything as horrible as acid thrown into Filin’s face.  It was a riveting documentary, highlighting just how dysfunctional the company appears to be behind the scenes.  Highly recommended, even if you are not into dance.

Meanwhile, as the nights grow cooler, we thoroughly enjoyed Deutschland 83, a German spy thriller set during the cold war, about a young East German soldier who is recruited to spy on the west.  It is a really gripping story, and well worth seeing if you haven’t already.  In New Zealand you can catch it on Lightbox.

I have managed to fall asleep through every episode of the current series of Veep, so can’t comment on it!  We’re also catching up with series 3 of Moone Boy, which is a nice, gentle comedy set in Ireland in the early 1990s.



This month, I’ve added a few new podcasts to my list (or is it library?).  I really enjoyed two delightful interviews with David Sedaris on How to be Amazing with Michael Ian Black as well as some interesting episodes of 99% Invisible and of course, This American Life.  BBC podcasts include the interesting series on food, The Food Chain, and a re-listen to some of that excellent series, Wireless Nights with Jarvis Cocker. 

Believe it or not, I actually listened to some new music!  Unless you live in Scandinavia, it is unlikely you have heard of Kent, but their last album Då som nu för alltid, was recently released and I had a quick listen while cooking one evening.  It sounded like Kent.  I actually heard some great music when I was having my acupuncture treatment this week, and must find out what it was.  It reminded me a bit of Orchestra Baobab from Senegal.



Earlier this month, I mentioned I re-read Barbara Pym’s Jane and Prudence.  She has to be one of my favourite authors of all time, and I plan revisiting more of her works in the coming months.  I also read another couple of Ngaio Marsh’s Inspector Alleyn detective novels.  I think there are only about 3 of the 32 I haven’t read now.

I’ve yet to read the May/June edition of Frankie, or the May edition of Cuisine, but with bad weather due over the rest of the weekend, it looks like the perfect opportunity to catch up with a cup of tea.


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