A day of sunshine and dance: Wonderful Wednesday

Summer days have turned hot and sultry, and Wednesday proved to be a gorgeous day here in Wellington.  It was a pity I had to be at work, but made the most of lunch time to enjoy the glorious weather and prove once again, that nothing beats Wellington on a good day.

IMG_7009A lunch time walk


Kayakers (a word?) and paddle boarders


Swimmers and a paddle boarder (5 minutes from the city centre)


A boat pulling a rubber dingy with a dog…yes really!

After work, I walked back along towards Circa Theatre.  There were people out enjoying drinks, rowing, and lots of teenagers (and a few adults), jumping into the water from the diving boards along the water’s edge.

IMG_7020Early evening

The evening continued with going to see Java Dance Company‘s latest production, The Wine Project, a bacchanalian performance piece complete with spices (cinnamon sticks ground underfoot), grapes (thrown and eaten with abandon), intrigue, sex and power.  It was great fun rather than great dance, a joyful piece with some audience interaction (my friend and I both got kisses from performers).  The artistic director, Sacha Copland, created the piece while working in a French vineyard, though to me the feeling of the piece was Balkan, perhaps due to the music.  On the music, this was excellent, and the musicians (Charley Davenport and Tristan Carter) were integrated as characters into the piece.

IMG_7021Circa entrance


Poster for The Wine Project

It was the first night, and as we came out, we saw glasses of wine and trays of canapés in celebration of the event.  This was far too good too miss…..and made a lovely end to a lovely day.

IMG_7023Circa Theater and Te Papa




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