3 reds: a fruit, a vegetable and a flower

I just can’t seem to get rid of this cold. No amount of appropriate liquids, rest, acupuncture, inhalations or even a wee glass of malt whisky before bed seems to help.  So I’m at home again today, staring out at the trees and hoping to spot a kereru, or New Zealand pigeon as part of the The Great Kereru Count.

The last post focused on lemons, which I have been consuming in considerable amounts.  Another fruit I’ve been eating the past few days is the tamarillo, a fruit introduced to New Zealand from Asia, that has been commercially grown in New Zealand since the 1930s.

IMG_5544A lonely little tamarillo

They have a sharp, unusual, almost savoury taste that doesn’t really remind me of anything else.  I have to admit, I’ve never done anything with them other than slice in half and scoop out with a spoon, but they are supposed to be quite a versatile fruit.

Inside a tamarillo

Another red edible item bought this week was red Swiss chard.  I just love the jewel like colours, and it is something I would probably grow if we ever have a garden.  I had intended to cook some up with a bit of ginger and lemon (keeping up the cure a cold theme), but after drooling over egg yolk porn (which is a real thing – see for example yolkporn thanks for that to Bunny Eats Design), an egg just had to get in their too.

Red chard

So, discarding the idea of ginger and lemon, since I feel I have got enough of them these past days, I just added some garlic to the hot oil in the pan, along with just the stems of the chard which need a little longer cooking.  I threw in a dash of hot water to create some steam, then added the leaves.  Just as they were about to be completely wilted, I nestled an egg in the middle, covered the lot with a lid, and waited until the egg cooked.  When done I turned it out onto a plate and covered with grated cheese.  An easy lunch for a sick day at home.

Cooking chard
Only for egg lovers

Finally, red item number three – a begonia coming into flower on the terrace.  All our pot plants are little neglected at the moment, but things are popping up all over the place.  Anyway, let’s hope by the next post I’m clear of cold, and can use the lemons for something other than in endless hot drinks.

A burgeoning begonia

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