The week, the weekend and a wee visitor

After a few days of really cold weather, where we even got out Scandinavian sweaters, the sun came out again, lifting spirits and temperatures.  This being New Zealand, there were still guys out in shorts, despite the cold.


Nothing much has happened this week, and I was struggling to think what to write about – more pictures of lunchtime paninis in Gasoline? 5 things I have eaten this week?  Nothing really inspiring.  However, to escape from the office one day, I did go to the Rembrandt Remastered exhibition at the NZ Academy of Fine Arts.  The exhibition is a collection of digitally remastered and life size paintings curated by the Rembrandt Restoration Project Foundation. There were 57 pictures on display, including a self portrait I have seen many times in Edinburgh.  The concept was really interesting, and you could really see the details in the paintings, but also rather curious to see digitally reproduced paintings on show like this.

The week ended with a visitor.  On Friday evening, just as we were finishing dinner, a little black cat peered in through the window and asked to come in.  He explored the whole house, testing the bean bag in the living room and one of the downstairs sofas, rolled over and purred, and then left.  I saw him again on Saturday morning on the way to Pilates.  His name, according to his name tag, is Charlie (yes another one), but he reminds us a bit of Misse Moj, our first and most lovable visiting cat.


Charlie the second

And so to Saturday, and so to rugby, and one of the semi-finals of the Super Rugby tournament, with the Hurricanes playing the Brumbies from Canberra.  The Hurricanes won 29-9, and will now go to the final to be held in Wellington next week, when they will play the Highlanders.

IMG_4946The start of the match


The end of the match

It was a great atmosphere and a sold out event and fun to go to a match for a change.  The film festival and Wellington on a Plate programmes are out, so lots to plan ahead for in the next wee while.  However, coming up next: I make a fish pie for the first time in ages.



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