Rugby, autumn flowers and a grilled cheese sandwich

After a few days of pretty awful weather, the sun came out again on Friday morning.  The autumn flowers are blooming (now that is something I thought I would never say!) and although the evenings are chilly, when the sun shines, it is really quite pleasantly warm.



I was working at home, and had a lunch time craving for cheese on toast, but the grill in our cooker is not very good, so I decided to opt for that American comfort classic, a grilled cheese sandwich.


Lunch made in heaven

I wanted to use up some mozzarella, which is really not the best cheese for this as it is doesn’t have a strong flavour, but it did make for a wonderfully gooey interior.  To spice it up a bit, I dipped it in ajvar, that wonderful red pepper spread, and to make it healthy, added some salad.  It was far too good and I was sorely tempted to make myself another.

Karl won two tickets to the Super Rugby match for the third time – something that is becoming a bit of a habit – so we went off to the Westpac Stadium to see the Highlanders, from Dunedin, beat the local team, the Hurricanes, 16-18.  Whilst I am far from being an expert on rugby, it is quite fun to watch, and when you go to Super Rugby here, you know you will see several All Blacks players.  In fact, there are nine Hurricane’s players in the All Blacks training squad at the moment.

I’m off to something quite different tonight – Grumpy Old Women – review next time.


  1. I hope you enjoyed the rugby match, I have never won anything so could do with some tip on how to win three times in a row. The sandwich sounds delicious!


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