Fish, pies and hot cakes

I had thought I would be writing a lot more about food than I have.  I guess that there are just so many new things to see and experience along with food that I haven’t focused on it.  One thing though that I have said before, and will keep saying I guess, is just how good the quality is of produce here, especially compared to Denmark.  I’m not comparing farmers’ market lamb here either, but everyday supermarket buys.  The other week I bought the most delicious pork chops that were so succulent and tasty, I was converted to pork as a meat (it has never been a favourite).  I just cooked them plain with some apple tossed in butter on the side.

As a lover of fish and sea food, it is great to be in New Zealand.  I am still learning about what fish is what, but luckily the people at the fish counter are always there to help.  This week I bought some hoki, which I baked in the oven with tomatoes, courgettes and red onion and served with a sauvignon blanc – delicious! On fish, smoked salmon here is quite different to the strong flavoured stuff I am used to in Europe.  It is much more subtle.  I am eager to try the smoked tuna and other smoked things I have seen in the shops.


It is the season for oysters, but I have yet to have some.  I was thinking about going to taste some at lunch time today, but was more in the mood for something greasy and had a ‘tasty burger’ (sic) at the veggie market instead.  It was tasty too!

Last week I mentioned cheese tasting, and after tasting some in the supermarket this week I bought this one:


A good blue cheese

Actually, I tasted 4 cheeses but limited myself to buying just this one!

Something else I bought this week was what were called ‘hot cakes’ or what I would call a dropped scone or Scotch pancake.  I know I should really make these things, but couldn’t resist them as it has been ages since I had one, spread liberally with blackcurrant jam…yum!

Oh yes – pies.  I cannot believe I have been in New Zealand for almost 8 weeks and haven’t had a pie.  This is a terrible confession and state of affairs, so next week I shall remedy that and report back.

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