What’s on my plate January

I’m a day late for the What’s on my plate challenge this month…but I am on holiday in the beautiful Hawke’s Bay. I am trying to type this on my iPad, so apologies in advance for any errors or omissions! The challenge is hosted by Donna, Retirement Reflections and Deb’s World, and is a chance to share what you have been cooking or eating recently.

We are on holiday up in Hawke’s Bay, staying in the lovely city of Napier. So, there has been no cooking, just eating! For breakfast each day we have popped over to Bay Coffee Hub for poached eggs on toast or smoked salmon bagels, and a pot of tea for me (don’t you love the teapot?) and coffee for Karl.

A lot of toasties of various sorts have been consumed at lunch times, from you basic ham, cheese and tomato to a bacon and blue cheese panini. The drink you see in the picture on the left below is L&P, a beverage world famous in New Zealand 😀 (it is a lemon flavoured soft drink).

Evening eating has ranged from a curry at Indigo, to prawns and chorizo pasta, to bruschetta and monkfish at Tennyson Cafe and Bistro.

On Wednesday evening, we ate at Wine Street. I started with the venison carpaccio, which was excellent, and then opted for the simple spaghetti with garlic, spinach and chilli. Karl enjoyed the pate and beef Wellington. We had a glass of Craggy Range Sauvignon Blanc with our first course, and a glass of Syrah from Brookfields with our mains. There was just room for an espresso to end the meal.

That’s it from me! You can find Thistles and Kiwis on Facebook, and also on Instagram @thistlesandkiwis


  1. Thank you so much for joining us at WOYP. Here in BC it is still the first Wednesday of the month, so your post went live on opening day. Your amazing meals have made my mouth water (bifg time)! And that teapot – how adorable is that?!
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

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  2. What is it about toast? When I can’t decide what I am hungry for I make toast (of course it has to be an Orowheat whole oat bread) and the smell alone of it cooking grabs me. Slap on some butter and munch away – TADA – satisfaction! LOL!! Your first pic grabbed me and made me share this – your fault hahahaha!! The foods look fabulous – thank you for another great share! Keep them coming!!

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  3. While I love joining in the WOYP posts I have to admit that I’m not the host, that is Deb the Widow Badass but thanks for the mention :). On a cycling trip to NZ we went to where the big L&P bottle is and so this brought back lots of memories for me. We also went to Hawke’s Bay too so now I’m dreaming of travelling again! Great post for the linlup!

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    1. Oops! Well, I enjoyed your post so more than happy to link to it 🙂
      I can highly recommend Hawke’s Bay – beaches, vineyards and we saw lots of people cycling. Let’s hope we can travel in 2022. Just listening to a scientist being interviewed about Covid and I am not hopeful….

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      1. That’s fine with me!! We loved our visit to Hawke’s Bay a few years ago and the cycling was great! let’s hope we can all get back to travelling soon.

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